Flower  Franchise

from £1,000


We give you orders £££

Direct from farm flower prices

Best in class training

Awesome technology - Web, APP, POS

Who are we?

Roxanas was started over 10 years ago to revolutionize the shopping experience in the floral industry. We believe that we sell Experience and that's why at Roxanas we completely concentrate on shopping experience of our clients. Doesn't matter which way they buy retail, web or mobile at Roxanas they are always guaranteed to have the best flowers in town.

What do we offer?

By joining our Franchise system you are covered in three major aspects of managing your own company:

Multiple profit centres
Flower shop management training
Supplies and technology

Profit Centres

Our franchising model is not only to start you up and running successfully, but to be busy from Day 1 of your operations. We're doing so by diversifying your revenue streams and providing you with everything needed to get the business running right from the beginning:


We sell premium quality flowers & gifts, offering customers the best shopping experience. Customers will buy for that special occasion each  time a special event or day occurs flowers play a great role, like wedding, funerals, birthdays, anniversaries, etc but they know that your quality is outstanding and prices are reasonable with a great service.


It is booming and it is our main expertise. We set you up with a locally optimized website which will be generating your clients love and orders pretty much day and night, 24/7

Mobile Commerce

Our Mobile Site is awesome and providing features like no one else. Mobile shopping  is one of the most important revenue channels for us as its creating long lasting relationship with clients


We set you up with special web site and advertising campaigns which is targeting specifically brides and special events clients. This is big ££'s orders and primary source of the business during wedding seasons.

Corporate Sales Strategy

All the local businesses in your area are your potential clients. We provide you with the sales strategy and training on how to become a Gifting Partner for this corporate clients. Being nation-wide we are able to manage gifting requirements not only locally but across the UK and rest of the world. Also our mobile platform and Corporate will help you to achieve sales excellence in that

Flower shop 
management training

Our Franchise program is set up for new and existing Entrepreneurs. We understand all the challenges you will be facing and we have you covered for that with our training program.

Floral design

It all starts with floral design. Our corporate trainers all have at least 10 years experience in floral design with the strong accent on modern European design techniques. Our floral design training includes 2 days of one-on-one training and at least 1 day of POS training.

Business Management

Business management, bookkeeping and software training are essentials. Accountability is the number one secret for the success for every business. We will train you as per company standards and all aspects of day-to-day business management processes

Customer Service

Customer Service, Merchandising and Science of Upsell. The way you welcome and treat your clients will play a major role in your Retail Revenue stream. Combining that with your product assortment to satisfy clients needs and to create impulse purchasing is what make us different from other flower shops. We are professional sales people, we understand client’s psychology and we know how to use that to increase your profits.

Supplies and Technology

Straight from the Farm Flowers

By cutting out all possible middle men and working directly with the farms we are able to provide you with the top grade flowers at the lowest possible price.

Direct Supplies Import

Because of our purchasing volume we have a privilege to work directly with packaging companies across the globe, all packaging we use and supply are branded with our logo. We buy bulk meaning you will earn BIGGER profits.


Secret of our success is creating a Unique Shopping Experience for our clients. Our clients are getting real-time notifications about their order statuses, they receive sms/emails showing an actual picture of the arrangement and picture of flowers with the recipient. They know who is their designer and able to rate quality of design and delivery. By doing that we ensure that clients are staying connected and loyal.

Profit Margins

Steps to Join Our Family

Get to know each other

After you filled out the contact form, a senior member of our franchise team will be in touch. During initial conversation we will be glad to answer your questions and ensure you are a qualified candidate to join our family. If the interview goes well, you will be sent printed materials with additional information about franchising. We understand that buying into a franchise could be one of the most serious decisions in your life, which is why — as written in our code of ethics — are always available to answer all your questions in fair and informative way. Owning a flower business is not an easy job and requires for the operator to be a certain kind of personality — hard working, open minded, ready to welcome the client with a smile for any occasion and circumstances. That is why we’d like to make sure you are as good of a fit for us as we are for you.


When both sides are ready to proceed, we will move to the next step — legal paperwork, The Boring Stuff! There will be many documents we must overview together, and once your happy you just sign and we're ready to go!


Hip Hip Hooray!! You are officially an owner and operator of your very own Roxanas Franchise. Now hard work begins! you are getting trained in floral design & daily operations. It’s mandatory to have at least few days of immersive training with our trainers. Our job is to make sure that after the initial training you are capable to design and operate on a day - to - day basis by yourself.

Questions and Answers

 1.  What does it cost to open a Roxanas franchise?

We know that with some of the franchises out there it feels like you need to be a millionaire to afford one. Not with us. Our franchise fee is fully dependent on territory size which you will be covering and begins from £1,000.

 2.  How much money can I make?

With our business model you will have multiple sources of revenue. Online orders mainly depend on our web marketing activity, revenue mainly depends on location. Corporate sales and the wedding/funeral business is fully depends on how active you are in soliciting those clients. We estimate the average owner-operator should be making at least £25,000 per year.

 3.  What type of training and support do you provide??

During your training program you’ll get to know:

Corporate Sales and Marketing

Wedding Sales and Marketing

Inventory Control

Floral and Gift Baskets Design

Retail Procedures

Customer Service


Software usage

 4.  Do you accept existing flower shops?

Yes! We love to work with existing flower shops as we believe our model gives our clients a new business opportunity. Existing flower shop owners can significantly save on opening costs.

 5.  What are the benefits of joining Roxanas Franchise instead of owning my own independent flower shop?

You will be getting revenue from day one.

Group savings on flowers and supplies as we buy direct from farmers allowing you to earn more profits.

No need for IT skills, we supply you with all technology needed to run your operations, including our amazing apps for florists and drivers.

Benefit from our 10 years of experience instead of learning everything on your own.

Group discounts on credit card processing fees, the most common way of purchasing flowers.

Purchasing line of credit

POS system

Unique Local phone number

Legal assistance

24/7 support

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